Contribution to community by Airport Residents

Created on Thursday, 01 September 2011 Written by SU

We are a community.  That means we collectively provide resources for all of us as a community.  We provide particularly those things that none of us could afford individually.  None of us could afford the Transfer Station, Roads, Beaches and yes an Airport as an individual.  But those resources are exactly why we band together to provide for as common assets.  We are a community.


But for the moment, let’s look at our world as though it were divided.  Indeed, that is what some would have us believe.  They suggest that if you don’t use an asset, then you shouldn’t have to pay for that asset.  The argument is to divide ourselves against ourselves.  And specifically they suggest that the Airport gets way too much funding.  So let’s look at the reality.


There are 47 lots that are contiguous to the Airport.  There are approximately 2000 private lots on the whole Ranch.  47/2000 = 2.35% of the lots on the Ranch are next to the Airport.  That 2.35% of the Ranch contributes dues of $19,740 per year to the annual budget of approximately $840,000.   And for that contribution of $19,740 what do the owners of that 2.35% of properties get?


Let’s be really generous and say that the entire $5,250 for the Airport in the 2010 Budget year is solely for the benefit of those people who live on the runway.  Further, let’s take 2.35% of the Transfer Station’s $150,000 annual expense ($150,000x2.35$ = $3,525) And now the big expense, roads.  For 2009 that was approximately $225,000.  The airport lots contributed 2.35% of $225,000 = $5,287.  And only one mile of approximately 52 miles of roads in the Ranch serves airport lot owners.  One final item, there are 2 Children who live on the Airport.   Where is the benefit of Fawn Meadow?  RECAP of Benefits to Airport lot owners:


Airport Dues paid:                                      $19,740

ALL airport budget                                     -$5,250

2.35% Trans. Sta.                                        -$3,525

One mile of Roads                                       -$4,327

Balance Contributed to the rest of the Ranch:  $6,638!


But, we are a community.  As a community we take care of the Ponds, and we do not begrudge those who benefit from living next to a pond.  We take care of the Beaches, without ever finding fault with those who choose to purchase property next to a Beach.  And never has anyone been heard to say that we should eliminate Fawn Meadow because they have no children.   We are a community, and we care for and maintain all the amenities of our community.   That is the meaning of community as physical assets.  Being able to share those assets with your community is what makes living in a community so worthwhile.



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