Operation Report May 2012

Created on Saturday, 02 June 2012 Written by Doug Dugger

During the month of May 2012 there were 82 flight operations.  There were 2 medivac operations during May 2012.  The weather for May 2011 was “on again, off again” during much of the month.  Most of the weather problems were crosswinds which makes landing and taking off difficult.    But even with weather conditions less than ideal, we are seeing the usual increase in air traffic that comes with the spring and summer.

 May 12th saw the third annual Ducky Derby, and the fifth annual Friends of the Airport.  This year’s ‘Friends’ was a smashing success with the BBQ and party held in Carol and Woody Harris’ new barn/hangar.  A great time was had by all including many local residents and 23 visiting aircraft from throughout northern California.  We even had a guest aircraft from Enloe.  The Enloe helicopter was involved in a training mission and made our gathering a short stop in their itinerary.   Each year has been bigger and better than the previous year and we are looking forward already to 2013.

 The mowing of the airport has continued with maintenance on those areas that seem to grow faster.  The front of the Ranch has been mowed, and the trail on the south side of the airport is being mowed regularly.  We are now in a period of spot spraying on the runway itself to keep vegetation from growing through the runway surface.


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