Airport Report December 2014

Created on Monday, 19 January 2015 Written by Doug Dugger

During the month of December 2014 there were 26 operations.  There were 2 medivac operations during December 2014.  This is a significant reduction in operations which was due to the much needed rain fall beginning in late November.

With the dry weather at the end of December, we have now put the first coat of weed killer on the runway.

At this time, a summation and analysis of operations for 2014 is presented, with a comparison to 2013.  During 2013 there were 705 operations and 52 medivacs at our airport.  During 2014 there were 693 operations and 44 medivacs, as well as 18 Fire operations and 10 Law Enforcement operations. This is very close to the 2013 numbers, but represents an increase in Fire and Law Enforcement.   We would anticipate an increase both in population as well as an increasing numbers of our community that are involved with aviation.  And finally it is nice to know that public service aviation such as CALFIRE and CHP both use our runway, and regularly fly over our runway as a continuing safety feature.

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