Airport Report February 2015

Created on Wednesday, 11 March 2015 Written by Bill Massey

During the month of February 2015 there were 25 operations.  There were 4 medevac operations during February 2015.   February is a short and usually a wet and windy month.  Even with fair weather, there were not a lot of operations this year.  Part of that was the fact that there were several days with winds in excess of 15 KT cross winds

 A reminder for all, and an invitation to all that there will be a meeting of the Friends of the Rancho Tehama Airport on May 16 immediately following the ‘Redneck Rubber Ducky Derby’.  We will meet at 1:30PM at Woody and Carol Harris’s hangar on Wilco Way.  If you like airplanes and airports, you will be among friends.  This is our annual planning session for maintaining our airport.

 Our volunteers have been getting ready for grass to grow and mowing to begin.  With the warm days we have had it is already starting.  As usual at this time of year, we have gotten the entire perimeter of the runway sprayed for weed abatement.  This will help a lot when grass starts growing.  We are also spot spraying as weeds grow in the runway.

We’re ready to mow, but we could use some more rain first!

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