Airport Report May 2015

Created on Saturday, 06 June 2015 Written by Doug Dugger

During the month of May 2015 there were 123 flight operations.  There were 10 medevac operations. During May 2015 there have been persistent weather problems and despite that, we are seeing increases in traffic..

May 16th was the second annual “Rancho Tehama Spring Fling.” 2015 marks the eighth annual Friends of the Airport.  This year’s ‘Friends’ was a great success with the BBQ and party held again in Carol and Woody Harris’ barn.  A great time was had by all including many local residents and 17 visiting aircraft from throughout northern California.  Part of the attraction  this year was the first static display of the new Enloe helicopter.  It is a beautiful ship, and if you have to ride in it, it is as good as they come.  And yes, plans are already in the works for the 2016 event.

 Maintenance on the airport at this time of year is fairly minimal.  For the most part mowing is done and the grass has quit growing.  There is still a little mowing on the edges of the runway, but nothing major.  Weed control for stickers is still going on.  There are plants such as “Goats Heads” that do not grow and bloom until June.  We patrol for these and spray them as quickly as we find them.

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