Airport Report March 2016

Created on Wednesday, 04 May 2016 Written by Bill Massey

During the month of March 2016 there were 6 operations.  There were no medivac operations during March 2016.  There were 12 Law Enforcement operations during March 2016.  This was an unusually low number of operations, but with the large number of rainy days in March it is to be expected.

“Rancho Tehama Spring Fling” is set for Saturday April 16th.   Right after the ‘Red Neck Rubber Ducky Derby’, we will hold the 9th annual “Friends of the Rancho Tehama Airport.”  We will start at 1:30PM and go the rest of the afternoon.  Our focus remains on airport safety and runway improvement.  Because it is early spring, we will have the edges of the runway and parking areas mowed.  Later in the spring we will mow the entire airport after the grass has stopped growing.   The surface of our runway at this point after six years of fog coating during each fall appears to be in ever improving condition.  Improving the drainage is also front and center.  Mowing and weed control are an ongoing venture.  There has also been a complete spraying of the runway boundaries.  While we will still have some mowing to do, spraying of course will continue as needed.

Remember that this year, our “Friends of the Rancho Tehama Airport” event will be at Dugger’s hangar on the south side of the runway.  Come join us Saturday April 16th for food, fun, and camaraderie with all the folks who love our Airport!

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