Airport Report April 2016

Created on Wednesday, 04 May 2016 Written by Bill Massey

During the month of April 2016 there were 62 operations.  There were 2 medivac operations during April 2016.  This represented a more normal April than we had last year as well as the traffic for our annual celebrations.  This was true even with many days with high winds, and even a rainy day or two.

April 16th was the third annual “Rancho Tehama Spring Fling.” 2016 marks the ninth annual Friends of the Airport.  This year’s ‘Friends’ was a great success with the BBQ and party held this year in Doug Dugger’s hangar.  A great time was had by all including many local residents and visiting aircraft from throughout northern California.  Owing to heavy winds south and west of Rancho Tehama, it precluded flights by some pilots who wanted to be here.  We are again grateful for the participation of the Enloe helicopter crew.  Enloe certainly appreciates our runway, and has been a great support of the Rancho Tehama friends of the Airport.

 Mowing and weed control are an ongoing venture.  Darrell Behney has done an excellent job of cutting the grass down to size.   There has also been a complete spraying of the runway boundaries.  With luck, this will be the last mowing that is necessary for this year.  Spraying of course will continue as needed.

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