Airport Report June 2016

Created on Friday, 08 July 2016 Written by Bill Massey

During the month of June 2016 there were 48 flight operations.  There were no medevac operations and no fire suppression operations during June 2016.  This is about the same as the last two years, but with a pretty wet winter it is nice to not have the fire report of the last two years.

 Thank You Doug Dugger, Ed Pitman, Gary Stofer, Dennis Saunders, Jay Lobdell, Lou Beitz, Donnie Kroslowitz and Darrell Behney for mowing the entire airport property!  On Monday June 13th in one day the whole airport got mowed, and a special Thank You to Marnie Beitz and Station 13 for having equipment standing by in case of fire.  The entire operation went as planned.  Thanks guys!

 June is pretty much the end of the mowing season, and this year was no exception.  But spraying for Goat’s Heads has been a big project this year.  For whatever reason these tire puncturing weeds are having a banner year.  Spraying this year is taking more time and materials.

 Starting in June, many of our pilots go on extended flights.  This year is no exception with local aircraft heading east and north.  With few fires and little smoke in northern California and states to the north, it is an excellent time of year for cross country flying.

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