Airport Report December 2014

Created on Monday, 19 January 2015 Written by Doug Dugger

During the month of December 2014 there were 26 operations.  There were 2 medivac operations during December 2014.  This is a significant reduction in operations which was due to the much needed rain fall beginning in late November.

With the dry weather at the end of December, we have now put the first coat of weed killer on the runway.

At this time, a summation and analysis of operations for 2014 is presented, with a comparison to 2013.  During 2013 there were 705 operations and 52 medivacs at our airport.  During 2014 there were 693 operations and 44 medivacs, as well as 18 Fire operations and 10 Law Enforcement operations. This is very close to the 2013 numbers, but represents an increase in Fire and Law Enforcement.   We would anticipate an increase both in population as well as an increasing numbers of our community that are involved with aviation.  And finally it is nice to know that public service aviation such as CALFIRE and CHP both use our runway, and regularly fly over our runway as a continuing safety feature.

Airport Report November 2014

Created on Thursday, 04 December 2014 Written by Doug Dugger

During the month of November 2014 there were 30 flight operations at our airport.  There were 2 medevac operations and 2 Law Enforcement operations and 6 fire suppression operations during November 2014.  This represents a fairly predictable use of our runway given weather and time of the year.

 Maintenance for the airport is now in a winter pattern.  With the rain at the end of last month and early this month, it will be a while before we can do any spraying.   Last year we did not get the striping of the runway done until the first of December.  We pushed that project forward  this fall understanding that we were due for an ‘El Nino.  Some of us are feeling pretty smug at the moment.

 This is the last airport report before we turn the page to 2015.  So, may we all have a wonderful Holiday Season, and grand 2015

Airport Report October 2014

Created on Saturday, 01 November 2014 Written by Doug Dugger

During the month of October 2014 there were 64 flight operations at our airport.  There were 4 medevac operations during October 2014, and 2 Law Enforcement operations.  This represents an increase in October traffic, which is usually the end of the flying season.

 As noted earlier our runway has once again fog coated.  This process is done annually to retain the integrity of the chip seal coating for the surface.  Striping has now been accomplished and a big Thank you to those who helped with this job.  Darrell Behney, Larry Bjorklund, and Gary Stofer contributed to getting this job accomplished.  We are about one month earlier than past years.

 Winter is coming, and the airport is now ready for the cold and rain.  As soon as it rains, we will once again be in the spraying business.  I think all of us are happy to have had a very safe and successful year at the airport.

Airport Report Sept. 2014

Created on Wednesday, 01 October 2014 Written by Doug Dugger

During the month of September 2014 there were 44 flight operations at our airport.  There were 2 medevac operations during September 2014.   This represents a fairly normal level of traffic for our runway, with each year showing a slight increase.

 With cooler weather we are seeing more people take advantage of the opportunity to walk around the airport.  A full lap around the airport trails is approximately one and one half miles.  This is a pleasant walk, and a good chance to get some exercise.  We encourage anyone who wants to enjoy this walk to come on down to the airport and get a little exercise.

 Maintenance of the runway and airport is now getting ready for winter.  We have completed the fog coating of the runway and are now starting the striping.  We should be very ready for rains we hope will come.  In the meantime spot spraying and pick up is ongoing.

Airport Report July 2014

Created on Friday, 08 August 2014 Written by Doug Dugger

During the month of July 2014 there were 98 flight operations.  There were 4 medevac operations, and 4 fire suppression operations during July 2013.  With the exception of the fire suppression ops, these represent a fairly normal pattern for our runway this time of year.  It is also note worthy that over the last several years this represents an increase in the number operations each year.

 At this years “Airventure” held in Oshkosh, Wisconsin Rancho Tehama had 3 planes there. This represents a very high percentage for any airport.  We are proud to tell others that Rancho Tehama is aviation friendly.  And for those not familiar with aviation, Airventure is the single largest air show in America attracting over 700,000 people every summer.

 Maintenance this time of year is fairly low key.  We do some weed spraying and trash removal.  Almost anything that is loose and can be wind born will come to our runway, so the trash removal is an ongoing maintenance item.

 With the fall season approaching, the volunteers at the airport will start preparing the runway for the winter.  We will fog coat the runway to seal it.  This year we are doing this a little earlier than usual as we anticipate rain earlier than the last few years.  Once the fog coat is on, we will re-stripe the runway.

Airport Report June 2014

Created on Sunday, 13 July 2014 Written by Doug Dugger

During the month of June 2014 there were 86 flight operations.  There were 10 medevac operations and 8 fire suppression during June 2014.  This is an increase from past years, but there has been very little wind which encourages flying.

June is pretty much the end of the mowing season, and this year was no exception.  Spraying still continues for weed control.  This is being done regularly here on the runway.

Starting in June, many of our pilots go on extended flights.  This year is no exception with local aircraft heading east and north.

Airport Report May 2014

Created on Tuesday, 10 June 2014 Written by Bill Massey

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During the month of May 2014 there were 68 flight operations.  There were 8 medevac operations, six fire operations and four Law Enforcement operations during May 2014.  During May 2014 there were the usual spring winds which create crosswinds on our runway.  But even with weather conditions less than ideal, we are seeing the usual increase in air traffic that comes with the spring and summer.

 May 17th was the fourth annual Ducky Derby, and now official “Rancho Tehama Spring Fling.” 2014 marks the seventh annual Friends of the Airport.  This year’s ‘Friends’ was a great success with the BBQ and party held again in Carol and Woody Harris’ barn/hangar.  A great time was had by all including many local residents and 8 visiting aircraft from throughout northern California.  Part of the attraction again this year was a CHP Cessna 206 which was here as part of a training mission.   It was also an opportunity for all of us to get a first hand glimpse at the CHP’s ‘eye in the sky.’  And yes, plans are already in the works for the 2015 event.

 Maintenance on the airport at this time of year is fairly minimal.  For the most part mowing is done and the grass has quit growing.  There is still a little mowing on the edges of the runway, but nothing major.  Weed control for stickers is still going on.  There are plants such as “Goats Heads” that do not grow and bloom until June.  We patrol for these and spray them as quickly as we find them. 

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