Airport Report October 2012

Created on Monday, 05 November 2012 Written by Doug Dugger

During the month of October 2012 there were 54 flight operations at our airport.  There were 6 medivac operations during October 2012.  During October 2012 there were also 6 law enforcement operations at our airport. This represents a somewhat atypical October pattern.

 On Thursday October 18 our runway was once again fog coated.  This process is done annually to retain the integrity of the chip seal coating for the surface.  Striping of the airport will begin this week and will continue until finished.  There have been some changes suggested by Cal Trans Division of Aeronautics and these will be incorporated with the new striping.

 Winter is coming, and we are getting the airport ready for the cold and rain.  With the recent rains, we are once again in the spraying business.  I think all of us are happy to have had a very successful year at the airport.

Operations Report Sept. 2012

Created on Tuesday, 02 October 2012 Written by Doug Dugger

During the month of September 2012 there were 83 flight operations at our airport.  There were 14 medivac operations during September 2012.   This is very large increase in the use of our runway over the past several years.  It is also the highest single month of medivacs that Rancho Tehama has experienced.  This is probably a reflection of a growing population.

 We have received several calls from Rancho Tehama Property owners asking if they or their friends can use the runway.  If you are a Rancho Tehama property owner, the airport is for your use like the other amenities of the Ranch.  If you have friends who would like to fly in to see you, advise them that they are welcome.  Also please have them call either Bill Massey 585-2115 or Ron Gullickson 585-2736 to obtain a briefing.  Bill or Ron will be able to explain traffic patterns, parking etc.

 Maintenance of the runway and airport is now getting ready for winter.  We are working on getting a fog coat for the runway surface.  In the meantime spot spraying and pick up is on going.

Operation report August 2012

Created on Tuesday, 04 September 2012 Written by Doug Dugger

During the month of August 2012 there were 60 flight operations.  There were 8 medivac operations during August 2012, and 4 Fire Suppression operations.  Considering the horribly smoky conditions that we have all be experiencing this an increase in the number of operations over the last couple years.

 During the month of August, we have been assessing the needs for the runway to be prepared for winter rains.  The drainage issues that have been addressed over the last year seem to work fairly well.  Some of this may be improved on with the fall dry season.  Additionally, we are working on a project to get the runway re-sealed to maintain the integrity of the runway surface.  And as usually we are doing spot spraying for weeds and litter removal on a regular basis.

 On a very happy note, ‘thank you’ Woody Harris for finding a sweeper for our runway.  This is a donation from the Nut Tree Airport of a surplus piece of equipment.  It will be very welcome here at Rancho Tehama Airport.

Operation report July 2012

Created on Friday, 03 August 2012 Written by Doug Dugger

During the month of July 2012 there were 76 flight operations.  There were 4 medivac operations during July 2012.  These represent a fairly normal pattern for our runway this time of year.  It is also note worthy that over the last several years this represents an increase in the number operations each year.

 Maintenance this time of year is fairly low key.  We do some week spraying and trash removal.  Almost anything that is loose and can be wind born will come to our runway, so the trash removal is an ongoing maintenance item.

 When you see Ron Gullickson around the Ranch, tell him ‘Congratulations!’  As of this morning the airplane that Ron has been diligently  building has been signed off, and is now an officially registered United States aircraft.  Congratulations Ron and we now have another airplane that has been completed here at Rancho Tehama.

Airport Report June 2012

Created on Friday, 06 July 2012 Written by Doug Dugger

During the month of June 2012 there were 50 flight operations.  There were 10 medivac operations during June 2012.  In addition to the normal operations for our runway, we had 1 fire suppression operation by CALFIRE.   Fortunately CALFIRE’S appearance was just precautionary.

 June is pretty much the end of the mowing season, and this year was no exception.  There is always weed control being done and the Airport Volunteers are accomplishing that on a regular basis.

 And a big Thank You to Don Ayers and Michael Lengyel.  They took it upon themselves to clean up the visitor tie down area.  They also straightened out the sign for the Tie Down area and repainted the post and sign.

Operation Report April 2012

Created on Sunday, 06 May 2012 Written by Doug Dugger

During the month of April 2012 there were 60 operations.  There were 10 medivac operations during April 2012.  This represented a slight increase in traffic over April of 2011.  This was true even with fairly wet weather, particularly in the beginning of the month.

 On May 12th, right after the ‘Red Neck Rubber Ducky Derby’, we will hold the 5th annual “Friends of the Rancho Tehama Airport.”  Our focus will be on airport safety and runway improvement.  At last year’s meeting the consensus was that maintaining and improving the runway surface was paramount.   The surface at this point after three years of fog coating during each fall appears to be in ever improving condition.

 Mowing and weed control are an ongoing venture.  Thanks to Ron Gullickson and Ernst Freitag the airport was completely mowed in two days at the end of April.    Thanks gentlemen.  There has also been a complete spraying of the runway boundaries.  As soon as the weather becomes a normal dry period with little growth, we will once again finish the mowing process for 2012.  Spraying will continue as needed.

Operation Report March 2012

Created on Sunday, 08 April 2012 Written by Doug Dugger

During the month of March 2012 there were 36 operations and 10 Medivac operations.  Considering the wind and rain during March 2012, this represents a fairly normal usage notwithstanding the raindrops.  By comparison, March of 2011 had only 30 operations.

 With the weather keeping things wet and wild, we have been able to get very little spraying of weeds in during the month.  With Spring promising to be here soon, we should be able to stay on top of the weed abatement process.  With a little more sun and dry weather we will start mowing.

 May 12 is rapidly approaching and we are preparing for the fourth annual “Friends of the Airport” meeting.  This is open to all who have an interest in airplanes, and our airport.  It will be held at 1:30 PM Saturday May 12th in Ernie and Gabbi Freitag’s place on the South East corner of the airport.  There will be a discussion of improvements done during 2011.  There will be a discussion of the maintenance schedule for 2012.  Additionally there will be a discussion of potential improvements for our airport.  And there should also be some new exciting information being shared at the meeting.  Again, all are welcome.

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