Operations Report June & July

Created on Friday, 05 August 2011 Written by Doug Dugger

During the month of June 2011 there were 52 flight operations.  There were 4 medivac operations during June 2011.  During the month of July 2011 there were 62 flight operations.  There were 8 medivac operations during July 2011.  These represent a fairly normal pattern for our runway this time of year.

Operation Report for May

Created on Thursday, 02 June 2011 Written by Doug Dugger

During the month of May 2011 there were 74 flight operations.  There were 4 med-evac operations during May 2011.  The weather for May 2011 was “on again, off again” during much of the month.    But even with weather conditions less than ideal, we are seeing the usual increase in air traffic that comes with the spring and summer.

With the unsettled weather there are several projects on hold at the airport.  As soon as the weather shifts into a late spring/early summer mode we will see more activity.  Several things need to be cleaned up, and with better weather then should be some construction commencing.

We have been mowing the airport…and mowing…and mowing.  Each time it looks like summer is here, we start mowing again.  And of course we are also spraying for weeds, which also re-appear with rain and sunshine.

On May 20, 2011 Rancho Tehama sent two airplanes to Corning to help fly over 90 kids as part of a Young Eagles event.  We are hoping that either fall of this year or spring of 2012 we will be able to hold another Young Eagles event here at Rancho Tehama.

Operation Report for April 2011

Created on Monday, 09 May 2011 Written by Doug Dugger

May 8, 2011

During the month of April 2011 there were 61 operations.  There were 4 medivac operations during April 2011.  This represented a large increase in traffic over April of 2011.  This was true even with fairly wet weather

On April 30th we held the 4th annual ‘Friends of the Airport’ meeting.  This is a chance for any and all of us that have an interest in the Rancho Tehama Airport to get together and see one and other.  It is also an opportunity to come together and review problems and accomplishment.

The consensus of the group was that the number one concern is the condition and improvement of the runway surface.  One year ago in April 2010 the runway was sealed and stripped.  The stripping is now beginning to fade.  Since there will be a major paving company on the Ranch during July doing slurry sealing of our roads, we have requested that the company be approached regarding the possibility of treating the runway within the limits of the Airport budget.

Mowing and weed control are an ongoing venture.  The first full mowing of the airport has been done, as well as a complete spraying of the runway boundaries.  As soon as the weather becomes a normal dry period with little growth, we will once again finish the mowing process for 2011.  Spraying will continue as needed.


Doug Dugger,Airport Manager

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