Airport News April 2011

Created on Saturday, 30 April 2011 Written by Ron Gullikson

Construction in Progress

The above photos show the area where the soil was removed.  Kudos to board member Roy Johnson for spearheading this community project!

Airport News April 2011with our grandsons spending spring break with us.  So I guess you know how we spent some of that time…flying of course, the weather has been a little forgiving lately!  This also spilled over to include some of the neighbor kids and adults, good time had by all!

The annual ‘Friends of the Airport’ takes place Saturday, April 30, 1:30p.m. The Friends meeting will be held in the hangar of Ernst and Gabriella Freitag, on the Southeast end of the runway. The meeting will follow the “Ducky Derby” held at the Elder Creek Park.  Happenings at the airport include excavation work by the maintenance department.  They are removing soil from around the runway and depositing it behind the association office for the community garden.


Thanks to Gary Stofer, the airport website has been upgraded; check it out at ranchotehamaairpark.comThe site includes many things with the current local weather and a web cam.

“Construction of an aerial vehicle which can carry even a single man… requires the discovery of some new metal force.  Even with such a discovery, we could not expect one to do Amore than carry its owner.”

Simon Newcome, U.S. Astronomer, 1903.



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